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Frequently Asked Questions

Book your private transportation service from Cancun airport to any hotel in Cancun and Riviera Maya.
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Palpal as payment online, or if you prefer bank deposit or cash upon arrival. Please select the service you wish to transfer below.

Why should I use a shuttle service?

Hiring a licensed shuttle service provides safe, reliable transportation in an unfamiliar city. You will avoid the potential risks of hiring a pirate (unauthorized) service.

Are your rates the same that are offered at the airport?

No our rates are cheaper. We work under the plan of pre-contracted services only, and do not have to pay expensive parking fees and airport office rent. This allows us to offer lower fares and superior service to any other company that operates from the airport.

How long has your company operated?

Our company began operations on January 5,2004. We have provided over six years of reliable, inexpensive and "on-time" shuttle and tour service.

Is it safe to travel with you?

Yes, it is perfectly safe, we have a recruitment policy in which candidates must pass several tests and medical examination, provide documentation such as letters of the police in which certifies that it has no criminal record, all operators have a federal driver's license which is not readily available. All our vehicles have extensive insurance coverage and are subject to strict control maintained to ensure quality service.

How do I make a reservation?

In the top menu "RESERVE NOW" and follow the steps listed here, you will receive by return mail your confirmation number and payment instructions.

Are you allowed to operate this service at the airport?

Yes. We have permits to operate in the three terminals, all our vehicles have identification attached that says "Pre-Contract." All units have federal plates that allow us to carry passengers on any road in Mexico. The drivers carry a badge at all times. To see an example of badge.

Can I select the type of vehicle for my service?

No. We assign the vahículo depending on the number of passengers and availability. If you require a vehicle in particular, please request quote.

After I arrive in Cancun or Rivera Maya is it necessary to call and reconfirm my reservation?

If you have a confirmed service and have the coupon return is not necessary to call us, we have a strict schedule via internet mail service which monitors its service until it is completed. However if you want to call no problem, the electronic ticket that was sent to order their service is the number to call.

I will travel to Cancun in the next 6 months. Can I make my reservation now?

Yes, you can do now if you have your flight itinerary and hotel confirmation, we can accept bookings up to 24 months in advance.

Do you have child seats?

Yes, we have seats for babies and children 0 to 5 years of age. They are available upon request.

How to locate the representative?

There is a specific area in the airport departure gate, in that area there are many people waiting passengers on other flights, our representative will be in the area carrying a banner with the logo of our company, the representative must check his name our manifesto arrivals. For security reasons no one can enter the arrival hall so after collecting your luggage will go through a final revision to customs, the door is immediately outside the terminal and our representative will be there waiting.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, this can only be done via internet and an international credit card. When you receive the final confirmation then we provide the steps to do so. If you prefer to pay cash to the driver no problem your reservation is safe with prior deposit of 25%.

I rather pay for my service in cancun, can I do that?

Yes, you can pay upon arrival in Cancun prior deposit of 25% will lose if you decide to go on the other hand this is to ensure that occupy the reserved service.

Is the driver gratuity included in their published rates?

No, tipping is not included, this is optional depending on the service you receive from the driver. All fees are included in the transportation service, taxes, exit fees at the airport vehicle and insurance.

Do you rent your cars for private services by hours or for private excursions?

Yes, the rent is for a minimum of three hours and we provide the driver. To use this service will send a quote request in advance.

Do you have vehicles to transport disable people?

Yes, disabled vehicle must apply for listing and equipped for that purpose.

What if I have a confirmed reservation and my flight is delayed?

Our representative constantly monitors flights in the event that your flight has a delay and we will know what strangulation arrival waiting in the departure area.

Now if your flight is canceled or for some reason you locate your flight does not address a host in the Internet or internet cafe at the airport and send us an email to to inform us of your new arrival time or cancel your service.

Can I cancel my reservation any time?

Yes, the procedure is very simple, just send a message to mentioning your date of arrival and whose name is the reservation, with these data we can cancel. If you have already paid for the service this will be refunded within 24 hours. Cancellations need to be at least 24 hours before the service to be reimbursable. Cancellations made the same day will not be refunded.