About Mercado 28, a Downtown Market in Cancun

Now that you are about to make your dream vacation true, there is a place we would like to suggest you to come to a great and interesting place where you will find a lot of nice souvenirs, clothing and other things to take back home. We are talking about Mercado 28 (market 28) located Downtown Cancun in SM 28.

Market 28 Downtown Cancun

Let’s begin by telling you that this is a good place for you to spend an afternoon strolling around its aisles and looking for the best gifts for your family. Also you will be able to eat great food, since there are some great restaurants of traditional Mexican, Yucatecan, etc., dishes.

Market 28 handicrafts and souvenirs

If you are looking for a “guayabera” (typical clothing from Yucatan, for men and also for women), this is the place and if you would like to buy a nice piece of jewelry, you will also find it here. Among shoes, herbs stores, drugstores, etc., in this place you will find almost everything you may need or want.

Market 28 restaurants

There is also  a variety of restaurants so that you can have a nice meal while you find what you are looking for. There are two good places we  we highly recommend you, one is "El Cejas" which is great to eat fresh fish and seafood; in the other one you can have a taste of the delicious Yucatecan food, "Emara" is its name and it is in the surrounding area of the market. You have to try it to believe its flavors, we are sure you will love it!

If you are staying at Cancun Hotel Zone, just take a Ruta 2 bus that goes Downtown (Centro).

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